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How to Grow Your Business with a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

In business, growth is key to success. More specifically, sustained growth is the key to running a successful business, but how do you sustain constant growth in such a competitive global market? The answer is in the use of virtual assistants. Here’s why you need virtual assistants and how they can help your business keep growing.

Keep Costs Down

Any business that has used virtual assistants before can attest that they help keep costs down. Better yet, they help you cut costs. For example, when you’re using a virtual assistant, you won’t be doling out extra money for the internet connection, or rent on an office building for them, etc. All of those expenses will be paid by the virtual assistant themselves. They pay their own internet bills and their own rent or house payment.

Other major costs that you can skirt when employing a virtual assistant are insurance and benefits. These costs represent extremely high expenses and companies that can avoid them can save tremendous amounts of money.

Firms can save up to 40% on business expenses when they opt for virtual assistants.

Give Your Productivity the Boost it Needs

Many business owners struggle with organization while virtual assistants excel at it and can give you a strong organizational advantage. The Roman Empire was exceptionally successful and that success was driven by organizational skills.

Startups are in a particularly good position to benefit from using virtual assistants. Starting a new business takes a lot of work, time, and energy. The more effectively that work, time, and energy is distributed, the better your business will do.

Even established businesses can benefit from virtual assistants. The benefits in terms of increased productivity go a long way and can help firms achieve a healthier bottom line. Many virtual assistants will work longer and harder than those who are employed onshore in cushy offices.

Optimize Your Business

You can use virtual assistants to optimize your business by not only reducing costs but also by taking on high volumes of unessential tasks. As a business owner, you’re always going to be busy, but if you’re bogged down handling tons of unessential tasks along with everything else, you won’t get far.

By taking on virtual assistants, you can delegate most unessential tasks like email filtering, calendar management, social media management, bookkeeping, and payroll. All of these things and more can be effectively outsourced to virtual assistants. In doing so, your business will become markedly more efficient and productive as you will be freed from performing so many time-consuming tasks yourself.

Cover More Ground with Social Media and Promotions

Like we said, virtual assistants, can help manage your social media. They can also help run promotions that can capture the kind of attention your business needs. Running a business is hard and odds are you will be more concerned with ensuring the quality of your products and services, than dreaming up brilliant promotional schemes. Take a load off and leave it to the professionals.

Social media management is an art form that requires special skills and the kind of dedication that is typical of professional virtual assistants. The best virtual assistants are experienced in bringing in more sales by managing successful promotions and social media campaigns.

Advertise Your Use of Virtual Assistants as a Way to Go Green

Managers and business owners who are particularly clever can leverage their use of virtual assistants as a way to tell customers that they are going green. Virtual assistants represent an environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional office-based work. By using virtual assistants you will be bypassing the environmental impact of daily commutes.

Today’s consumer is more environmentally conscious on average than customers from previous years. The increase in pressure to go green has businesses scrambling for a claim to environmental sustainability to appease the market’s eco-conscious customer, especially millennials.

Grow Faster

When you look at the big picture, all of the individual benefits of using virtual assistants add up to a substantial competitive advantage. The cost savings alone will help your company stay ahead of the competition, especially when times are tough. In times of adverse market conditions, competitors who are doling out money for salaries and benefits for full-time in-house employees will suffer more during slow periods.

The other advantages that virtual assistants offer such as increased productivity, sustainability, organizational prowess, and promotional impact make a huge difference. Your business will grow faster, be more productive, and spend less while being more focused on the most important tasks at hand.

The bottom line is that businesses experience more rapid and robust growth when unfettered by an all in-house workforce. Turning to virtual assistants is an effective way to drive growth and sustain it while continuously cutting costs and staying ahead of competitors.

The Art of Sourcing Virtual Assistants

By now you’re quite aware of the benefits of having a virtual assistant, but how do you find the right one for your business? That’s an excellent question and myworkers doesn’t just have the answer, it is the answer. It all comes down to what you can get for the price. Flowery words aside, businesses want the best bang for their buck and that’s ultimately why myworkers is going to be your best choice every time.

There is a great deal of variability in the performance of virtual assistants. Some companies have great experiences while others have terrible ones. The difference is made by the quality and capability of the company they work with to source their virtual talent. That’s if they even work with another company in the first place. There are some businesses that try to attract and hire virtual assistants on their own and they have an even harder time on average.

That’s because of the fact that so many people market themselves as a virtual assistant when they don’t have the skills or capabilities that they’re advertising. The world is full of desperate and sufficiently creative people that can end up costing companies money by wasting their time. When you work with a trusted industry leader like myworkers, you can avoid all of those risks. We vet each and every one of our virtual assistants so you don’t have to and can attest to their experience.

Why You Need myworkers

Myworkers is the premier choice for sourcing the best and brightest virtual assistants. We only work with the best in their field and offer prices that no in-office worker can compete with. You won’t find this much talent for the price anywhere else, not even in this market.

Businesses can’t afford not to grow, give yourself a head start with a virtual assistant from myworkers. We have what you need to succeed. Our virtual assistants are the best at what they do and can make your business more productive than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants from myworkers

If you’re serious about growing your business, you need a virtual assistant from myworkers. We’ve been helping businesses thrive for years and have what it takes to power growth. You don’t just need a virtual assistant, you need the virtual assistant, find yours at myworkers.

Connect with myworkers today and jumpstart your business with the increased productivity of virtual assistants.

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